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4-H Health Month February









Take a Break for Health!


4-H Health Month





Providing healthy lifestyle programs to our youth is a common vision for all 120 counties across the state.  During this month, 4-H Youth Development agents, volunteers and members will take a break for health during their club meetings, project nights, day camps, school programs and after school programs! Just incorporate any of these fun activities (or brainstorm your own) into your 4-H program!


Here are some ways you can "Take a Break for Health"

  • Prepare a healthy snack
  • Have a hula hoop contest
  • Make a stress ball
  • Vow to be drug free
  • Have a dance party
  • Stretch it out before your meeting
  • Have a Jump rope contest
  • Create fitness circuits
  • Teach younger 4-Hers about MyPlate
  • Plan a healthy meal
  • Play parachute games
  • Set up an obstacle course
  • Learn a new camp dance
  • Play twister
  • Learn the signs of stress
  • Discuss ways to end bullying
  • Make posters about healthy living



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Individual, Club or County Participation

Individuals, Clubs and Counties are invited to submit their health breaks at the conclusion of the 2014 Health Month. Feel free to submit multiple reports if you did more than one!  Great job! Activity Report Form


Activity Planning Tools


Your local 4-H Youth Development Program

Click on this link (county offices) to locate information regarding your local Cooperative Extension Service, 4-H Youth Development program.