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4-H Rabbits


Animal science projects can be a rewarding experience for 4-H members that teach responsibility, leadership, care and record keeping.  However, not every 4-H member has the space or interest to keep a large animal.  The 4-H Rabbit project is an exciting way to share the lessons learned from animal science projects with youth from any background whether they live on a farm or in the city.


The following information is related to to the care, raising and showing of rabbits.  These are just a few of the more common resources.  Check out other state's 4-H webpages by searching "4-H Rabbits" for more information.

  • National 4-H Curriculum/Kentucky Core Curriculum (these can be ordered by checking with your county 4-H agent OR going to
    • What's Hoppening?
    • Making Tracks
    • All Ears
    • Rabbit Group Helpers Guide

This kit includes materials and suggestions for activities that cover:  rabbit anatomy,awareness, care, and management, health, quality assurance,conformation,breeds,identification systems, genetics and reproduction, selection and evaluation

  • Features

    • Posters, pictures, labels, and task cards are printed on heavy paper and laminated. Easy to write on and erase!
    • Labels are printed on polyethylene tags and come with Velcro dots, making learning tactile and fun.
    • Special hands-on learning tools include two cage wire samples and a pet tattoo outfit.
    • The Educator's Resource Materials Set includes reproducible masters for most of the kit contents.
    • Each kit is mailed in a sturdy cardboard box that can be inserted into the custom canvas carrying case.




Updated 12/13/2013 (MAM)