University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Science, Engineering, and Technology

NATIONAL YOUTH SCIENCE DAY experiment - October each year

2013 - NYSD experiment (GPS/GIS) coming soon!

2012 - Eco-bots

See your county extenion 4-H agents for details during the month of October!

national site:

SET - 4-H Science (Science, Engineering & Technology)Looking for ways to introduce young people to the world of science, engineering and technology?  SET/STEM is one of the core areas in Kentucky 4-H.  Kentucky has a variety of areas to offer youth;

  • aerospace,rocketry
  • biotechnology (forensics),
  • energy-electronics,
  • robotics,
  • spatial science (GPS/GIS), 
  • physics zoo  
  • These are just a few opportunities for youth to experience hands-on, educational programming.  Science can be incorporated into most of the other 4-H core areas.

Don't forget the National Youth Science Day experiement each October! 

Contact your local extension 4-H agent for more details.

KY 4-H Science, Engineering & Technology Facebook (link)

KY Girls STEM Collaborative and 4-H partnership

2013 Aquabots Robotics Camp for girls- July 29-Aug 2

  • Educators training on Aquabots (robotics) March 11-13, 2013 (Lexington)
  • Educator Application (due Mar. 5) (doc) Educator Letter (doc)
  • Educator Schedule (doc)  Hotel information for Educator Trn (doc)
  • Camp for GIRLS (middle school through 10th grade) July 29-Aug 2, 2013 (contact Jann Burks, email: or 859-218-0986 for details
  • Application (pdf): Fax Sheet (pdf); Flyer (pdf)