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Ambassador Teen Board


The 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador Teen Board will provide a venue for 4-H Teens to:

  1. Represent 4-H and specifically 4-H Shooting Sports for public relations purposes at special events; at donor/supporter functions and with the general public, peer groups, 4-H groups, community service groups, schools and media contacts.
  2. Serve as spokespersons for the KY 4-H Shooting Sports program in their District and State -helping to make 4-H Shooting Sports programs more visible.
  3. Further develop their skills in leadership, public presentation, citizenship, community service, public relations and team building.
  4. Assist in maintaining relations with 4-H Faculty and Cooperative Extension Administrators as well as past, present and future program donors and supporters.
  5. Continue and expand their involvement in 4-H Shooting Sports beyond the shooting skills and competitive levels.
  6. Stay actively connected with the 4-H Shooting Sports program as they enter their collegiate years and further into adulthood.

Participants:  Two representatives allowed per District

Age Eligibility:  Minimum of 15 years of age up to 17 years of age

Shooting Sports Coach Certification:  Required.

Term:  2 year term with half of the districts rotating each year after the first year.  Board members may not serve on any other state teen board while serving as Ambassador.

Contact your County 4-H Agent for more information and to apply for the Board.

Ambassador Teen Board Application and Fact Sheet


District 3:  Patrick Rood

Patrick Rood – Spencer County

He has been involved in 4-H for six years and is a sophomore in high school. In school, he is involved in band and drama. He has participated in state competition for four years.  He is the president of his Spencer Co. 4-H Shooting Sports Club.



District 4: Calvin Andries

Calvin Andries - Franklin County

He has been involved in 4-H for seven years and is a sophomore in high school.  He was introduced to hunting at a young age by his grandfather who talked to Calvin in detail about gun and hunting safety.  He has been the president of his Shooting Sports club for four of those years. He has participated in several district and state competitions.


District 5:  Rachel Hinton

Rachel Hinton, Taylor County

She has been involved in 4-H for seven years and is a junior in high school. Rachel is a certified Teen Coach in archery. She has been involved in hunting since early childhood and trains her own rabbit dogs. She has been in the 4-H Shooting Sports program for five years.


Rachel Young


Rachel Young, Nelson County

She has been involved in 4-H for 7 years and is a junior in high school. She has participated in the state competition for seven years and is president of her local shooting sports club.  She leads her club in many community service projects.


District 6:  Grayson Holaday

Grayson Holaday, Warren County

He has been involved in 4-H for seven years and is a sophomore in high school.  His interest in shooting sports began with hunting at his home. Grayson is a certified Teen Coach in shotgun and is the president of the Warren County 4-H Shooting Sports Club.


Luke Rice

Luke Rice, Warren County

He has been involved in 4-H for four years and is a sophomore in high school.   His involvement includes camps, safety training, and competition at the local, district and state levels. His interest in 4-H Shooting Sports began with hunting. He is an original member of the newest Warren Co. Shooting Sports officer team, holding the offices of vice president and president.

District 7:  Ryan Linton

Ryan Linton, Hopkins County

He has been in 4-H for eight years and is a senior in high school. Ryan has been involved as a teen leader at camp, a coach, club officer and competitor.  He began in Horse Club and moved into Shooting Sports.  He has competed in various competitions, winning first place in Shotgun in five tournaments over the last year.  He is a certified Teen Coach in shotgun. He is also active in Future Farmers of America.

Rachel Young and Calvin Andries have also been selectd as National 4-H Shooting Sports Teen Ambassadors and attended the National Teen Ambassador's training in Baton Rouge, LA.

Teen Ambassador Advisors:

Chandler Young & Audrey Bolin

Audrey Bolin participated in the 4-H Shooting Sports Program for 6 years as a member.  During those years she participated at the State Tournament, was certified in Blackpowder and Shotgun, served as a teen coach in Nelson County and at Shooting Sports camp, and became a National 4-H Shooting Sports Teen Ambassador.  During 2011, she attended National Ambassadors Training in San Antonio, TX. While there, she and fellow Ambassador Chandler Young were challenged to create a State Ambassador program in Kentucky.  One and a half years later and that goal has been realized! Audrey is an advisor to the 4-H Shooting Sports Teen Ambassador Board and still serves as a discipline coach in her county and at Shooting Sports Camp.

Chandler Young has participated in the 4-H Shooting Sports Education Program for 5 years and has been in 4-H for 7 years. During his tenure in 4-H Shooting Sports, he attended Shooting Sports Camp as a teen, served as a teen coach, and was trained nationally as 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador. Upon receiving the challenge from National 4-H Shooting Sports to start a state-level Ambassador Program, he and fellow Ambassador, Audrey Bolin, immediately began to work on the program. Chandler now serves as an adult Shooting Sports coach in the disciplines of Black Powder and Shotgun for his home county, Nelson County, an adult coach for the State Shooting Sports Camp, and an advisor to the Kentucky 4-H Teen Ambassador Board!

Photography by Debra Spillman

The Teen Ambassadors organized and sponsored a "Change for Children" fundraiser to benefit Kosair's Children Hospital at the Spring Coach's Workshop March 2014.  They were successful in raising $208.75 for the charity.  Great job Ambassadors and coaches.  Many thanks for the donations.