To enroll in summer camp, contact your county extension office for information regarding deadlines and fees (link). To rent camp facilities, or to learn more about the camp at which your child is attending, click the images below.

Kentucky 4-H Camping is a non-profit, self-sustaining entity with operating revenues generated from summer camping programs, environmental camping programs, extension sponsored events, camp sponsored events, and non-extension user rentals. Kentucky 4-H Camping owns/leases and operates four camping locations. The mission of the Kentucky 4-H Camping program is to serve youth, volunteers, and community members in an educational and outdoor experience. Through this experience, camp programs are developed with an intentional focus to providing all individuals an opportunity to learn and grow in the life skills areas of teamwork, decision-making, communication, leadership, self-responsibility, social skills, and civic engagement. All four Kentucky 4-H Camp facilities are proudly accredited by the American Camp Association.