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Looking back and reflecting on camp today, what has not changed are the memories of that first time away from home, the steady patter of rain on a tent or cabin roof, the sounds of night outside your window, a cool refreshing break in the lake or pool, that spark of first love, the itch from poison ivy and mosquito bites, campfire, classes where new skills are learned, the new friendships and fun that happened at camp and the short ride home for a tired happy 4-H camper.

What has changed over the years in our 4-H camps is the need for expanded facilities to accommodate more campers, and to keep our programs competitive with the many other activities that our youth have to choose from.

Our four camping centers were constructed in the mid 1960’s. There have been no significant structural changes since that time.

The Kentucky 4-H Foundation commissioned John Ward, a national award winning Kentucky artist, to create an original print of a scene at each of our camps.

Proceeds from the sale of these prints will be used for improvement projects at each camp.

Below you will find an order form for each of the prints as well as a brochure with information about the four camping centers.


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For more information on the prints, contact Donna Fox, Extension Specialist for Camp at 859-218-0994 or



                Lake Cumberland
                   North Central







West KY

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