The Kentucky 4-H definition of after school programming:  “4-H After-school is the direct and indirect support of educational programming available to children and youth in grades K – 12 that takes place outside the regular school day whether in a structured child care facility or another setting (i.e. school campus, church, community center, etc.), specifically during the hours of 3-6 pm.”

What does 4-H After School provide for it’s audiences?

  • For young people...4-H After School provides opportunities to participate in fun, exciting programs while developing valuable skills with lifelong benefits.
  • For parents and family members...4-H After School creates safe, healthy, enriching environments that enhance young people’s social, emotional, physical, and academic success.
  • For volunteers...4-H After School offers an opportunity to share a special skill with young people.
  • For youth-serving organizations...4-H After School offers extensive resources to help train staff, implement sound youth development practices, create new after-school programs, and strengthen existing programs.
  • For communities...4-H After School is a partner that builds unique, customized programs around the diverse interests and needs of youth.

4-H After School works with urban, suburban and rural communities to identify their areas of need and interest and then build customized programs to meet those needs.

The innovative "learn-by-doing" curricula offered covers an impressive array of topics that revolve around the Kentucky 4-H Core Curriculum.  These include:  Animal Science, Communications, Family and Consumer Science, Health, Leadership and Natural Resources. 

These research-based, ready-to-use curricula set 4-H After School apart and help young people to achieve social, emotional, physical, and academic success. Each curriculum provides youth with valuable skills such as leadership, teamwork, decision-making, civic responsibility, and critical thinking.