Appearance makes a difference.  Since most people have a limited clothing budget, it's important to make wise choices. In fashion projects, youth complete a closet inventory and determine if key garments are needed to complete the wardrobe.  Color, personal style, body type and budget all enter into clothing coordination and purchasing decisions.  

Learning to sew combines design and construction skills.  Members learn to make garments and useful items such as backpacks, tote bags and decorative home furnishings.  

Needles and yarn or thread are the tools for a variety of handmade textile projects.  Youth learn from skilled mentors to crochet, knit, embroider, create lace and quilt.  

Kentucky 4-H believes that all youth should have opportunities for positive youth development in our four guiding concepts:  mastery, belonging, independence, and generosity.  This project fosters mastery by learning to sew by hand and using a sewing machine, to upcycle clothing into new fashions, to create using thread and needles, to coordinate clothing to reflect one's personal style, and to make wise clothing purchases; belonging by being part of a group or club; independence by learning a variety of skills that can be used now and throughout life; and generosity by sharing with or teaching others.  Contact your county extension office for more information.





State Contact:  Marjorie Baker | marjorie.baker@uky.edu | 859-257-7772