Kentucky 4-H members may learn about bicycles and bicycle safety in classrooms, clubs, project groups, at health fairs, and bike rodeos. Bicycling is a long-term project where children can experience mastery fairly quickly. Learning the parts of a bicycle, bike safety, how to ride a bike, and planning a bike trip show progressive steps in learning. Documenting this progression allows endorsers and inspection teams to see what happens beyond the period of time children are in the project. With the utilization of bicycles as a primary mode of transportation in some towns/cities, it is a vital time to incorporate bicycle curriculum in your county. 


National 4-H Bicycle Curriculum has a set of three books. The entire set or individual books for youth and for the leader may be purchased. A DVD “Bicycle – Don’t Get Stuck:  Fix it” is also available for purchase through the 4-H Mall.

The Army 4-H Express Guide to Bicycle Adventures Poster may be used for all 4-H Bicycle projects. 

State Fair Resources

State Fair Bicycle Rodeo (6020) - Bicycle Safety Skill Test for 4-H Bicycle Safety Program - First Thursday of State Fair. Register through your county Extension office by the August deadline; Senior 4-H winner MAY be invited to a regional event, if offered.

Inspection Form (Draft)

State Fair Course Design (Old Fair Books)

State Contact: Dr. Tanya Dvorak, Senior Extension Specialist; Office: 209 Scovell Hall, University of Kentucky; Mailing Address: 212 Scovell Hall, Lexington, KY 40546; Phone: 859-275-4625; Fax: 859-257-7180; Email:

State Contact: Torey Earle, Agent At Large 4-H SET, West Region; Office/ Mailing Address: UK College of Engineering Paducah Campus, 214 Crisp Building, 4810 Alben Barkley Drive, Paducah, KY 42002-7380; Phone: 270-534-3105; Fax: 270-534-6292; Email: