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Starting a Business of Your Own 

Are you interested in starting your own business--such as mowing lawns, making and selling jewelry, growing sweet potatoes?  The 4-H entrepreneurship project will guide you through the steps of setting up a business of your own.   

To get a project book and see if there is a 4-H Club or group near you, contact your county's Extension agent for 4-H yd.



Youth Project Books

Be the "E" Activity Guide: for middle and high school age youth; Source: 4-H Mall 


Volunteer Leader's Guide

Be the "E" Helper's Guide: for volunteer leaders working with middle and high school age youth; Source: 4-H Mall  

Be the "E" Kentucky Facilitator's Guides: for volunteers working with young entrepreneurs; Source Kentucky Cooperative Extension; contact your county's Extension agent for 4-H for the lesson plans.

    • Level 1: Love It
    • Level 2: Plan It 
    • Level 3: Do It 

Kentucky Extension Homemaker Entrepreneurship Plan of Work: for volunteers working with young entrepreneurs; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension

American Private Enterprise System: for volunteers working with juniors in high school; Source: UK Agriculture Economics Department.  Contact your county's Extension agent for 4-H.


Related 4-H Events & Activities

Work→paycheck→responsible spending→financial goals...Check out the consumer/financial education  projects. 

American Private Enterprise Seminar (APES): Participate in a series of high impact sessions on the American economy, where it fits in the global economy and how Americans organize to form businesses from local business leaders.  Target Audience: selected juniors in high school.  Contact your county's Extension agent for 4-H for more information. 

Test your skill in interviewing for a job--Learn more through the 4-H Communication project--The Perfect Fit.  Enter your county's 4-H public speaking contest--in the "mock job interview" category for teens ages 14-18. 

 Achievement Program: When it comes to landing a job, past "work" experience counts!  Youth who are actively involved in 4-H are often tapped to serve in leadership roles.  If leadership or service to others is your thing, ask your county's 4-H agent about 4-H Achievement.


To learn what's happening in 4-H in your county, contact your county's Extension agent for 4-H youth development.


State Contact: Kimberly Adams Leger, Extension Specialist for 4-H Youth Development, Office: 209F Scovell Hall, University of Kentucky; Mailing address: 212 Scovell Hall, Lexington, KY 40546; Phone: 859-257-7179; Fax: 859-257-7180; Email: kladams@uky.edu