Developing leadership skills is a major part of 4-H.  The Kentucky 4-H Fashion Leadership Board:

  • Allows teens to put their leadership skills into action
  • Provides a youth voice to the direction of the 4-H Apparel and Textiles program at the state level.
  • Promotes individual and group learning in fashion-related projects.
  • Provides opportunities to complete advanced training in fashion.
  • Provides opportunities to learn about careers related to the fashion industry.
  • Encourages mentoring by adults with an interest and expertise in fashion projects.

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Expected Involvement of Board Members:

    • Serve a one-year term, beginning with selection at Teen Conference through the next Teen Conference.
    • Attend all regular board meetings. (held in conjunction with the November and February State Teen Council meetings)
    • Maintain an up-to-date email address, read and promptly respond to all FLB communications by email, Facebook or mail.
    • Plan and teach a workshop for middle school youth at 4-H Teen Summit (March, one session only)
    • Participate in advanced educational opportunities during board meetings.
    • Promote participation in the fashion/sewing/needlework/body image projects among other youth within his/her county.
    • Continue to work on a personal fashion-related project.
    • Plan the State Fashion Revue and fulfill a significant role during the Fashion Revue.  Exhibiting in the Fashion Revue is encouraged but not required. (attendance at Teen Conference is required)
    • Participate in Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) Day at the Kentucky State Fair (second Saturday of the fair in August)
          • enter an exhibit or the sewing skill-a-thon
          • mannequin model
          • do a demo or show project work from a table on FCS Day
          • be part of a Cloverville fashion event
    • Optional: Participate in a fashion field trip during the summer
    • Evaluate the FLB experience.
    • Board members who do not fulfill their commitments will be replaced from among the alternates by the next Board meeting

The family of the board member must provide transportation and pay registration fees for meetings and scheduled events. Youth considering this opportunity should discuss this with their parent(s) or guardian. Since attendance and following through on commitments is important, youth should check their calendar to be sure that they can attend all required meetings/functions. If a required event is not attended, the board member must attend the next required function or they will no longer be considered a board member.



Applicants must be:

  • In grades 8-11 at the time of application (by May 1) so that they are in grades 9-12 during their year of service.
  • Working on a personal project in sewing, needlework, body image, fashion forward, or textile science.
  • Able to fund their own expenses
  • Able to work out their own travel arrangements to and from board meetings and events
  • Committed to accepting responsibility and following through on tasks
  • Have previous experience in leadership
  • Available and willing to participate in all board activities 
  • Participate in board member interviews during Teen Conference.


Application Process

  1. Discuss this opportunity with your family and your county Extension agent for 4-H yd.
  2. Deadline: May 1.  Be aware that the form must arrive in Marjorie Baker's office or email on or before May 1.
  3. Complete the Fashion Leadership Board Application stating your interest in serving on the Fashion Board.
  4. Three letters of recommendation:  As you work on the application, go ahead and request your letters of recommendation as outlined on the application form. a) a letter from your parent/guardian, b) a letter from your 4-H agent, and c) a letter from another adult such as your 4-H club leader, your teacher or employer (if you have a job), or an advisor of another youth organization in which you are actively involved. Ask them to include in the letter why you would make an effective fashion board member. You'll need to explain to them what your responsibilities will be if you are selected to serve on the board.
  5. Check your calendar to make sure that you can attend every board function.
  6. Check your application for accuracy, spelling, and grammar.
  7. Your 4-H agent will need to sign your completed application form. Submit the form along with all attachments to your 4-H agent by the county deadline. Include your application, the three letters of recommendation as specified on the form, your essay, and your photograph.
  8. Those selected for interviews will be interviewed by phone prior to or in person during Teen Conference in June.


To learn how you might become part of the Fashion Board, contact your county's Extension Agent for 4-H youth development.


State Contact: Marjorie M. Baker, Extension Associate for Clothing and Textiles, 245 Scovell Hall, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 4-546; Phone: 859-257-7772; Fax: 859-257-7565Email: