Developing leadership skills is a major part of 4-H.  The Kentucky 4-H Fashion Leadership Board gives teens who are into fashion an opportunity to put leadership skills into action while providing a youth voice to the direction of the 4-H Apparel and Textiles program at the state level. The board is made up of up to 16 Kentucky teens.  Kentucky 4-H believes that all youth should have opportunities for positive youth development in our four guiding concepts:  mastery, belonging, independence, and generosity.  This experience fosters mastery by learning advanced fashion skills and about careers in the industry, belonging by learning to work as a team to accomplish goals, independence by developing leadership skills and putting those into action, and generosity by teaching other members what they have learned.





Applicants must:

  • Be in grades 8-11 at the time of application (by May 1) so that they are in grades 9-12 during their year of service
  • Be a Kentucky resident  
  • Be working on a personal project in sewing, needlework, body image, fashion-forward, or textile science
  • Be committed to accepting responsibility and following through on tasks
  • Attend and participate in all board meetings, Summit, FCS Day at the Kentucky State Fair, and Teen Conference. (See application for list of dates.)
  • Participate in board member interviews during Teen Conference.
  • Be responsible for their own expenses and travel arrangements to and from the board meetings and activities.

If a meeting or activity is missed, a written letter of explanation MUST be submitted to the director. Missing meetings/events can result in being removed from the board.

Contact your county extension office for information regarding the deadlines and fees (link). 


Application Procedure

  • State deadline to apply: End of may
  • Complete entire application 
  • Turn Application into your 4-H agent 
  • Interview at 4-H Teen Conference  


Additional Information

Expected Involvement of Board Members:
    • Serve a one-year term, beginning with selection at Teen Conference through the next Teen Conference.
    • Attend all regular board meetings
    • Maintain an up-to-date email address, read and promptly respond to all FLB communications by email, Facebook, or mail.
    • Plan and teach a workshop for middle school youth at 4-H Teen Summit
    • Promote participation in the fashion/sewing/needlework/body image projects among other youth within their county.
    • Continue to work on a personal fashion-related project.
    • Plan the State Fashion Revue and fulfill a significant role during the Fashion Revue. 
    • Participate in Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) Day at the Kentucky State Fair 
    • Participate in a fashion field trip

The family of the board member must provide transportation and pay registration fees for meetings and scheduled events. Youth considering this opportunity should discuss this with their parent(s) or guardian. (Extension agents are NOT responsible for transportation.) Since attendance and following through on commitments is important, youth are to check their calendar to be sure that they can attend ALL required meetings/functions before submitting an application. If a required event is not attended, the board member must attend the next required function or they will no longer be considered a board member.



State Contact: Isaac Hilpp | | 859-218-0990