Project Fashion Magic

Fashionista or not, we all wear clothes and want to dress to impress.  The “Fashion Magic” project helps guys and girls make smart consumer decisions.  You’ll look in your closet to see what you already have, then determine how to spend your clothing dollars wisely.   Learn to look cool without spending all of your allowance or hard earned cash! 




Youth Project Books

Fashion Magic: Wardrobe Planning (Unit 1) for ages 12-18; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension

Fashion Magic: In the Marketplace Unit 2 A): For ages 12-18; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension

Fashion Magic: Clothing Coordination (Unit 2 B): For ages 12-18; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension; Contact your county's 4-H agent for a copy.


Volunteer Leader's Guides/Resources

Lesson Plans for Project Fashion Magic: for volunteers working with youth ages 12-18; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension

Kit for Loan: Color Analysis: for volunteers working with youth ages 9-18; Kits are located in two counties in each district.  Contact your county's Extension agent for 4-H youth development well in advance to use it with your 4-H club.


Related 4-H Events and Activities

Do Something!  Complete the activities in one of the project books and put what you learn into action as you coordinate an outfit that reflects your own personality. The outfit and coordinated accessories may be elements that you already have or items purchased or made specifically to complete the outfit.


Demonstration Competition: Are you interested in teaching others to coordinate a fashion-forward look?   Most county 4-H programs host communications competition sometime during the year. Contact your county's Extension agent for 4-H youth development for more information on county opportunities.


Fashion Revue: Many counties host a 4-H fashion revue or similar activity where youth involved in a fashion-related project can show the garments they made or outfits coordinated during the year.  Youth in Fashion Magic display the notebook and model/show one outfit that he/she coordinated.  Clothing and the accessories chosen to compliment the outfit may be purchased or created by the teen.   Each county may select one teen in each of the three Fashion Magic projects  to represent the county in the State 4-H Fashion Revue.      

The State 4-H Fashion Revue is the featured event on Wednesday evening of Kentucky 4-H Teen Conference in June.  Throughout the year, the 4-H Fashion Leadership Board plans the stage decorations, writes the script and choreographs the show.  The revue culminates with the selection of finalists and a champion.   


State 4-H Fashion Leadership Board: Is leadership your thing?  Each year, up to 16 teens are selected statewide to provide leadership to 4-H fashion projects at the state level.  More...


To learn what's happening in 4-H in your county, contact your county's Extension agent for 4-H youth development.


State Contact: Marjorie Baker, Extension Associate for Clothing & Textiles, Office: 245 Scovell Hall, University of Kentucky; Mailing address: 245 Scovell Hall, Lexington, KY 40546; Phone: 859-257-7772; Fax: 859-257-7565; Email: