General Rules Applying to All 4-H Clubs

Exhibitors and/or Exhibits

Kentucky State Fair

  1. See Kentucky State Fair General Rules
  2. Eligibility 
    1. Age – any 4-H’er who has passed his/her 9th birthday as of January 1 of the current year but has NOT passed his/her 19th birthday as of January 1 of the current year. There are no Cloverbud exhibits permitted in Cloverville.
    2. Participation – The exhibitor, must have, since the last State Fair, carried an approved project, of which the exhibit is a part, under the general supervision of the Cooperative Extension Service, of the University of Kentucky.
    3. Residence – Entry in the 4-H section is open to only 4-H participants residing in Kentucky.
    4. Exhibitors must conform to the:
      1. General Rules listed here plus general rules of the Kentucky State Fair.
      2. Specific rules governing the department in which entries are made.
  3. Entries are to be made in the name of the 4-H participants who completed the work on the project exhibited. A SOCIAL SECURITY OR FEDERAL TAX ID NUMBER IS REQUIRED FOR EACH 4-H EXHIBITOR.
  4. All 4-H Cloverville entries (except small animals and livestock) will be registered electronically by the August 5, 2019 deadline. Instructions and web address will be provided later.  There will NOT be any walk-in registration received after August 5, except for county fair held during the week of August 5-9, 2019.  Any fair held before, or after this date must meet the August 5 registration deadline.  Substitutions will not be allowed.
  5. All entries in the 4-H Dog Division should be made electronically by the July 10 deadline.  Dog poster project entries will use the August 5, 2019 deadline for other Cloverville exhibits with a certified dog club leader.  4-H Rabbits should be entered electronically by the July 10 deadline for the Cloverville exhibits. 
  6. LIVESTOCK ENTRY FORMS MUST BE SIGNED OR VERIFIED BY THE EXTENSION AGENTS SUPERVISING THE 4-H WORK CERTIFYING THAT THE EXHIBITOR, AND THE EXHIBIT ARE ELIGIBLE.   Entries will NOT be accepted if entry forms are not signed by the Extension Agent responsible for 4-H or the entry forms are missing information.  For online entries ONLY, the Kentucky State Fair Entry Department will verify that youth for corresponding entries are eligible to participate in the 4-H/FFA Youth Livestock Show.   The County Extension Agent from the County 4-H listed will be contacted by the Kentucky State Fair Entry Department.
  7. A 4-H computer generated identification card (4LO-11SO) is to be securely attached to items exhibited in Cloverville.  FIRMLY attach the card.  Neatly secure with tape or punch a hole in the corner of the tag and attach with string or a rubber band. Place the tag in a location which is to be seen by the public once the item is placed or displayed (or follow specific department guidelines.)  Do NOT attach ID card with straight pins.
  8. Neither the State Fair nor the State 4-H Office will be responsible for any loss or damage to the exhibit or injury to the exhibitor or the spectators; however, reasonable care will be used to prevent loss or injury.
  9. All entries must meet minimum standards to receive a ribbon.  Exhibitors unfit for show or of such low standards to make questionable their right to compete will be declared ineligible, and no premium will be awarded.  All entries must be identified with labels securely attached (it is suggested that items with more than one piece be identified in detail on the back of the ID card, i.e., color, number of pieces, description.  Label each piece with name and county.)
  10. The Danish systems of judging will be used with the top entry in each class designated.  Awards will be based upon a ratio of 4X for the blue ribbons, 3X for the red, and 2X for the white in those classes eligible for premium money.  THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL PREMIUM PAID FOR CLASS, GRAND, OR RESERVE CHAMPION, ORE OVERALL GRAND, RESERVE GRAND, AND GRAND SUPREME.  ALL PREMIUMS WILL BE MAILED DIRECTLY TO THE 4-HER FROM THE STATE FAIR.
  11. All times stated are times in effect in Louisville for Eastern Standard Time.
  12. The above rules apply to all 4-H exhibits, events, and activities. Also, rules specified in each division also apply to that division. 
  13. Cloverbuds are not eligible to enter or showcase items in Cloverville.  There are NO Cloverbud classes in the rabbit division.  Cloverbuds may only enter non-competitive classes as outlined in the class descriptions of those permitting youth under the age of 9 years to participate.
  14. Exhibits will be judged as entered.  Once exhibits have been entered in Cloverville, they may not be removed, repaired, or altered in any way as to enhance the award outcome.
  15. Premiums not used in 4-H work may be used for expenses for state champion Senior Judging Teams to National contests.  Premiums not used in one department of 4-H may be transferred to other 4-H Departments subject to the approval of the State Fair Officials.