Health, the fourth “H” in 4-H Youth Development.  The traditional perception of health has been food and nutrition, however research has shown how mental, emotional, physical and environmental health are just as important.  It is our goal to address and provide resources for each of these components of health education.  

4-H Health curricula will work in urban, suburban and rural communities – Health is an issue for everyone regardless of location or socio-economic status.  These research-based, ready-to-use curricula set 4-H Health apart and helps young people to achieve social, emotional, physical, mental and academic success.  Each curriculum provides youth with valuable skills such as leadership, teamwork, decision-making, civic responsibility and critical thinking.

 Program Planning and Evaluation Tools

  • Program Planning Overview  (doc)
  • Logic Models
    • Logic Model for Health Core Area  (doc)
    • Logic Model for Physical Activity Featured Program  (doc)
  • Evaluation
    • Instructions for Evaluation  (doc)
    • Uniform Evaluation Template for Health  (doc)
    • Uniform Evaluation Data Entry  (site)
    • Evaluation for Physical Activity Featured Program  (doc)
    • Evaluations for Specific Curricula 
      • Headlines for Health  (doc)
      • Get Moving Kentucky
      • Jump into Food and Fitness
      • Character Counts  (link)
      • Clover Cat Way to Wellness  (link)
  • Success Story Templates
    • Bullying  (doc)
    • Character Education  (doc)
    • Physical Activity  (doc)
    • Safety  (doc)
    • Substance Abuse  (doc)

Academic Expectations of Schools   

  • "Character Counts" (Link)

  • “Jump Into Foods & Fitness” (Link)

  • “Health Rocks! - Beginner” curriculum (Link)

  • “Get Moving—Youth” (Link)


Project Experiences

  • Health Month
  • Kentucky State Fair - 4-H Health Exhibits (Link
  • KY State Fair Options for Health Programming ( Link)

Additional Resources  

The following resources may be used along with the core curriculum but not instead of the core curriculum.

  • Printed Resources:


  1. Jump Into Foods & Fitness Logic Model  
  2. Jump Into Foods & Fitness Pre-Test  
  3. Jump Into Foods & Fitness Post-Test  
  4. Jump Into Foods & Fitness Certificate of Completion (Link)
  5. Jump Into Foods & Fitness Goal Sheet  
  6. Jump Into Foods & Fitness Planning Worksheet (Link)
  7. The Weather Report  
  8. Muscle Mania BINGO  
  9. Get Moving Kentucky Youth Lessons - Circuit Worksheets  
  10. Get Moving Kentucky Youth Lessions - Circuit Worksheet Instructions  
  11. 2006 Physical Activity Conference - Website List  
  12. Activity Ball Question and Answer Guide  
  13. Activity Ball Quick Answer Guide  
  14. Health Promotional Brochure (Link)
  15. Get Up and Move, GUM for Kids – Physical Activities for the Classroom (Link)
  16. Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Tic-Tac-Toe 
  17. KY 4K/Fun Run Planning Guide (2009 edition)
  18. KY 4-H Health Fair Planning Guide (2009 edition)
  19. 100 Ways to Get Physically Active  (Link)
  20. HEEL Items Available for Checkout Catalog
  21. "Ghost Out" program information, KY Transportation Cabinet
  22. 50 Ways to Include Healthy Living in 4-H Service Learning Projects

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  • Web Resources:

  1. 2012 KY 4-H Health Day
  2. National 4-H Healthy Living Website & Resources
  3. HEEL website 
  4. Link to YOUth Health Bulletin 
  5. Jump Into Food & Fitness - (Michigan State Curriculum)
  6. KY 4-H Jumps Into Foods & Fitness in-service powerpoint presentation (Link)
  7. Healthy People 2020
  8. Kids Health
  9. USDA's MyPlate
  10. NIDA Goes Back to School
  11. KY Youth Advocates
  12. Kidnetic
  13. Eating Disorders
  14. Health Policy Coach
  15. Health Finder 
  16. Your Link to Nutritional Health (American Dietetic Association)
  17. American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  18. CMHS Knowledge Exchange Network
  19. The Kentucky Partnership for Families and Children
  20. National Association of School Psychologists
  21. The National Mental Health Association
  22. UCLA School Mental Health Project
  23. Character Counts!
  24. Shaping America's Youth
  25. Students Taking Charge
  26. National County Health Rankings Report (2.17.2010)
  27. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet: Drive Smart Resources
  28. Food Environment Atlas
  29. Let's Move Initiative:  Since it's launch in 2010,the Let's Move! initiative has developed multiple resources that are designed to let you work within your community on solving the problem of childhood obesity. 
  34. TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES: THE CHOICE IS YOURS    Scroll down the page to find these documents
  35.   The National Osteoporosis Council
  36.   The Best Bones Forever! Campaign
  37. 2012 KY 4-H Health Day Planning tools
  38. Growing Healthy Kids in Kentucky 
  39. Monthly Fitness Themes
  40. Daily Deskercise
  41. Education World: May is physical fitness month!
  42. Fit 4 Fun Fitness
  43. TLC - "Easy Fitness Activities for Kids"
  44. ABC Home Preschool - Free Fitness Ideas for Children
  45. Jump Bunch - Sports and Fitness for Kids
  46. Mayo Clinic - Fitness for Kids: Getting children off the couch
  47. PE Central
  48. - Sports Coloring Pages
  49. Activities 4 Kids
  51. IDEA Health & Fitness Association - Kids On The Move
  52. Have Fun Teaching - Fitness Songs
  53. ACE (American Council on Exercise) - Top Ten Fun Fitness Summer Activities for Kids
  54. - Health & Safety government sites










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