Do It Yourself @ Home

If you like do-it-yourself shows and websites, you’ll love the 4-H home environment project!   Learn to apply basic elements and principles of design and home management as you:

      • Organize and maintain your room
      • Arrange and decorate your room
      • Make a decorative accessory for your home
      • Draw a floor plan
      • Plan a sleep-over
      • Create efficient storage areas
      • Write an invitation and thank you note
      • Apply paint to a wooden object
      • Refinish furniture
      • Restore, recycle or repurpose home furnishings
      • Make wise purchases for your home

Learn the basic skills of being part of a family as you:

      • Become mindful of the needs and feelings of others
      • Share space with other family members
      • Practice good manners
To get a project book and see if there is a 4-H Club and special interest group near you, contact your county's Extension agent for 4-H youth development.


Youth Project Books

Exploring Your Home (Unit 1) for ages 9-18; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension 
Living with Others (Unit 2): for ages 9-18; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension 
Where I Live (Unit 3): for ages 9-18; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension 
In My Home (Unit 4): for ages 9-18; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension 

Volunteer Leader's Guide

Home Energy Detectives: for volunteer leaders working with a classroom or group of youth ages 9-18; Source: UK Bio-systems and Ag Engineering (link to presentation)  (link to handout)

Related 4-H Events & Activities

Make or do something!  Making your room more functional, easier to keep straight or more reflective of your interests or personality can be a lot of fun.  Need some ideas to get your creative or problem-solving skills rolling?

    • Situation: Your closet is a mess.  Your mom...well, she's not happy.   What can you do to solve this problem? 
        • Replace the one existing clothes rod with two--one higher and one lower--to accommodate your clothes on hangers.
        • Build/add more shelves for your stuff.
        • Place a box or hamper in your room for dirty clothes.
    • Situation: You and your brother have shared a room your whole life.  Your brother moved out so for the first time you have a room of your own.  What can you do to make it look more like "you"?
        • Paint the walls a different color.
        • Rearrange the furniture.
        • Refinish or paint the chest of drawers.
        • Get your swimming trophies out from under the bed and display them on a shelf.
County Fair or Exhibit Day:  In many counties, 4-H members have the opportunity to exhibit items they have made at the county fair or exhibit day.  Entries at the county fair that meet or exceed the standards may be selected for exhibit at the Kentucky State Fair. (See the 2016 State Fair Catalog--Home Environment)  Ask your county's 4-H agent for specifics on entries for your county's fair. 
Exhibits at the state fair are judged against a set of standards.  Take a look at the standards for home environment entries:


Demonstration Competition: Are you interested in showing others how to do something?   Change a furnace filter...refinish furniture...make a pillow.  Most county 4-H programs host communications competition sometime during the year. Contact your county's Extension agent for 4-H youth development for more information on county opportunities.


Achievement Program: Youth who are actively involved in 4-H are often tapped to serve in leadership roles.  If leadership or service to others is your thing, ask your county's 4-H agent about 4-H Achievement.


To learn what's happening in 4-H in your county, contact your county's Extension agent for 4-H youth development.

State Contact: Kimberly Leger, Extension Specialist for 4-H Youth Development, Office: 209 Scovell Hall, University of Kentucky; Mailing address: 212 Scovell Hall, Lexington, KY 40546; Phone: 859-257-7179; Fax: 859-257-7180; Email: