Manners for the Real World 


State 4-H Department Liaison: Isaac Hilpp, 

Manners for the Real World

Authors: With the permission of the original authors, these lesson plans were adapted for use in Kentucky 4-H by the Manners Writing Team made up of extension agents Christy Eastwood, Melissa Goodman, Nancy Kelley, and Paula Tarry, and extension specialists Pam Sigler, evaluation, and Martha Welch, 4-H youth development.  04-2016

Original authors:

Kent, Heather C. & Brinkley, Monica L. (n.d.) Manners for the real world curriculum project.  University of Florida IFAS Extension. Retrieved August 28, 2012 from 


Introduction: Etiquette refers to a set of rules that are developed to define accepted behavior dealing with how people should treat one another and behave in social situations.  These guidelines are used to build a network of common courtesies and accepted practices that guide us through the events and relationships in our everyday lives.  

We're never too young or too old to show thoughtfulness and consideration to others.  Informed people know that manners make a difference.

Table of Contents

Lesson Plan 1: Meeting and Greeting (file)
  • Activity: Interesting Introductions and answer key
  • Activity: Nice or Nosy and answer key
  • Fact sheet/handout: Meeting and Greeting
Lesson Plan 2: Cell Savvy (file)
  • Activity: Role Play
  • Handout: Fact sheet/handout: Cell Savvy
  • Pre- and post-tests and answer keys
Lesson Plan 3: Netiquette (file)
  • Fact sheet/handout: Netiquette: Digital Manners
  • Activity: Online Etiquette Tic Tac Toe
Lesson Plan 4: The "Write" Touch (file)
  • Fact sheet/handout: The "Write" Touch
Lesson Plan 5: Learn to Set the Table (file)
  • Fact sheet/handout: Basic and Formal Place Settings
Lesson Plan 6: Mealtime Manners (file)
  • Fact sheet/handout: Mealtime Manners
  • Fact sheet/handout: Teens at the Table
  • Fact sheet/handout: Teens Travel
  • Pre- and post-tests and answer keys
Lesson Plan 7: Tipping Etiquette (file)
  • Fact sheet/handout: Tinning Fact Sheet
  • Activity: Becoming Tip Savvy and answer key
  • Activity: Menu Experience, menus, and answer key
  • Handout: Tip Chart
  • Handout: Sheet of tip charts
  • Pre- and post-tests and answer keys
Lesson Plan 8: Job Seeking Etiquette (file)
  • Fact sheet/handout: Make a Positive Impression--Job Interview Etiquette

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