Needle Crafted

Crochet...embroidery...knitting...lacework (tatting) 4-H, youth have the opportunity to use needles/hook and thread/yarn/floss to create a wide variety of high-quality creative and functional items.  Throughout history, needlework has served as a means of relaxation, stress reduction, and increased manual dexterity.



Youth Project Books

Crochet Project Book: for ages 9-18; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension 
Embroidery Project Book: for ages 9-18; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension
Knitting Project Book: for ages 9-18; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension 
Quilting Project Book: for ages 9-18; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension
Tatting (lacework) Project Book: for ages 9-18; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension 
Needlework Project Record Sheet: for all needlework projects

Volunteer Leader's Guides

Quilting Leader's Guide


Related 4-H Events & Activities

Create something!  Many needlework items such as framed pictures and wall hangings are primarily made for home decorating purposes. However, a wide variety of created pieces can be highly functional--garments, wearable accessories, bed or bath linens, technology cases, or travel bags--to name a few.

County Fair or Exhibit Day:  In many counties, 4-H members have the opportunity to exhibit items they have made at the county fair or exhibit day.  Entries at the county fair that meet or exceed the standards may be selected for exhibit at the Kentucky State Fair. (See the 2016 State Fair Catalog--Needlework)  Ask your county's 4-H agent for specifics on entries for your county's fair. 

Exhibits at the state fair are judged against a set of standards.  Take a look at the standards for Needlework entries:

Fashion Revue: Many counties host a 4-H fashion revue or similar activity where youth involved in a fashion-related project can show the garments they made or outfits coordinated during the year.  To enter through needlework, the member may create a knitted or crocheted garment or embellish a garment with a hand embroidered design or tatted lace.  Each county may select teens to represent the county in the State Fashion Revue.  The State 4-H Fashion Revue is the featured event on Wednesday evening of Kentucky 4-H Teen Conference in June. Throughout the year, the 4-H Fashion Leadership Board plans the stage decorations, writes the script and choreographs the show.  The revue culminates with the selection of finalists and a champion. 

Demonstration Competition: Are you interested in showing others how to knit, crochet, tat, or embroider?  Most county 4-H programs host communications competition sometime during the year. Contact your county's Extension agent for 4-H youth development for more information on county opportunities.

Achievement Program: Youth who are actively involved in 4-H are often tapped to serve in leadership roles.  If leadership or service to others is your thing, ask your county's 4-H agent about 4-H Achievement.

State 4-H Fashion Leadership Board: Is leadership your thing?  Each year, up to 16 teens are selected statewide to provide leadership to 4-H fashion projects at the state level.  More...


To learn how you might become part of the Fashion Board, contact your county's Extension Agent for 4-H youth development.


State Contact: Marjorie M. Baker, Extension Associate for Clothing and Textiles, 245 Scovell Hall, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 4-546; Phone: 859-257-7772; Fax: 859-257-7565Email: