Kentucky 4-H Culinary Challenge

The objectives:

  • To challenge youth to increase their food and nutrition knowledge base, master food preparation and safety skills, and use creativity when preparing and presenting food.
  • To challenge youth to include more fruits and vegetables and Kentucky products in meals.
  • To provide youth an opportunity to apply basic nutrition principles to the real-life decision-making experience of meal planning.
  • To provide opportunities for youth to learn from each other and experienced mentors and to develop real-world leadership skill in working as a team.                 
  • To give youth opportunities for public speaking.
  • To give 4-H members the opportunity to participate in a food related competitive event.

At the state challenge, teams of two or three teens from each district will be challenged to create a serving or plate of food using a clue, secret ingredients and ingredients found in a common pantry.  With an emphasis on using more Kentucky products and the need for youth to include fruits and vegetables in their diet, it’s a sure thing that these will be found among the contest’s ingredients.