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Kentucky 4-H believes that all youth should have opportunities for positive youth development in our four guiding concepts:  mastery, belonging, independence, and generosity.  Organized 4-H Clubs foster mastery by allowing 4-H members to take part in a structured project, belonging by encouraging them to be part of a club, independence by fostering a sense of self-determination, and generosity by taking part in service projects with others.  Contact your county extension office for more information (link).

A 4-H Club is an organized group of at least five youth from three different families who meet regularly with adult volunteers or staff for a long-term, progressive series of educational experiences.

4-H Club Purpose

The purpose of a 4-H club is to provide positive youth development opportunities to meet the needs of young people to experience belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity—the Essential Elements—and to foster educational opportunities tied to the Land Grant University knowledge base.

4-H Club Membership

4-H Club membership is open to all youth beginning at age 8 or 4th grade (with actual enrollment date determined by the state) and open to all young people as determined by each state but not to exceed beyond the age of 21.

4-H   Club membership is open to all youth without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, disability, or public assistance. All 4-H members must be enrolled in the 4-H club each year.

Structure of a 4-H Club
  • Enrolls at least 5 youth members from at least 3 families
  • Conducts a minimum of 6 regular club meetings per year, with many holding 9-12 regular meetings throughout most or all of the year, and often supplemented by project meetings, camps, fairs, and other 4-H learning activities.
  • Selects youth officers or youth leaders to provide leadership to the club.
  • Meets in any location—a home, community center, military installation, library, public housing site, school, after school program, and/or many other places.
  • Adapts to and supports mobility of youth and parents—linking them to 4-H programs in other counties and states.
  • Meets interests and needs of youth in same-age or cross-age groupings and using single project or multiple project formats.
  • Is advised by adult staff or volunteers who have been screened and trained.

Curriculum (Club Resources)

State Contact:  Jennifer Tackett | jennifer.tackett@uky.edu | 859.323.4842