Lawn mowers, snow blowers, personal water-craft, go carts, model airplanes and ATV's are just a few of the literally hundreds of machines powered by small engines. With over 60 fun activities, the Small Engines curriculum (Grades 3-12) helps youth understand how small engines work and how to keep them working.


Small Engines (National 4-H Curriculum)

State Fair Information and Resources

4-H Tractor Operators Contest Division 6022 Information 

Please note: Two entries per District (must qualify at district event). Levels: Junior & Senior (2 per category).


4-H Lawn Tractor Operators Contest Division 6023 Information 

Please note: Two entries per District (must qualify at district event). Levels: Junior & Senior (2 per category).


The Kentucky 4-H SET Advisory Group and the Tractor Project committee are busy reviewing new curriculum and developing an updated Farm Tractor and Lawn Tractor/Small Engines skills contest for the new year.  The new skills contest should be rolled out in early to mid April to allow time for county and district contests to prepare for the State Fair in August.  Please keep checking back for more information.

For those of you conducting area and district tractor and lawn tractor skills contests, the following links will take you to downloadable PDF files of the OLD skills courses we have been using at the State Fair in August.  Please make sure to follow the courses and patterns exactly to avoid any confusion or disqualification at the State Event.  For more information, contact Torey Earle.

Large Tractor Skills Course and Scoring Information

Lawn Tractor Skills Course and Scoring Information  


State Contact: Torey Earle, Agent At Large 4-H SET

State Contact: Torey Earle, Agent At Large 4-H SET, West Region; Office/ Mailing Address: UK College of Engineering Paducah Campus, 214 Crisp Building, 4810 Alben Barkley Drive, Paducah, KY 42002-7380; Phone: 270-534-3105; Fax: 270-534-6292; Email:

State Contact: Dr. Tanya Dvorak, Senior Extension Specialist; Office: 209 Scovell Hall, University of Kentucky; Mailing Address: 212 Scovell Hall, Lexington, KY 40546; Phone: 859-275-4625; Fax: 859-257-7180; Email: