From Left to Right : Lucas Arnold, Vice President ; Katherine Zimmerman, Secretary 
Magalee Blazina, President ; Kiersten Foit, Reporter ; Lance Munday, Treasurer


State 4-H Officers have been called to service in the Kentucky 4-H program since 1968.  Originally, just the position of president, vice-president and secretary were filled.  Starting in 1979, the position of treasurer was added. Then in 2022 the postion of reporter. These five elected positions continue to this day.   State 4-H Officers are elected to their position at 4-H Teen Conference and serve until the following year's conference.  In their role as State 4-H Officers, they also provide leadership to the Kentucky State 4-H Teen Council. 

Officer History - click here to view a listing of all officers since 1968. Where known, counties, have been indicated for these individuals. 

Current State 4-H Officers

Kentucky 4-H President | Magalee Blazina |

Kentucky 4-H Vice President | Lucas Arnold |

Kentucky 4-H Secretary | Katherine Zimmerman |

Kentucky 4-H Treasurer | Lance Munday |

Kentucky 4-H Reporter | Kiersten Foit |

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The Kentucky 4-H State Officers are eager to begin traveling across the state sharing their vision of developing as knowledgeable and reliable leaders, incorporating authentic 4-H values which inspire youth to transform into active citizens. 

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Application Procedure

Applications for Program Year 2021-2022 4-H Sate Officers are now available

Due to Rachel Noble, by May 1, 2021

2022 State Officer Application

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State Contact:  Rachel N. Guidugli | | 859.218.0991

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