Learn the many facets of visual arts.  In this project, you will learn the basic principles of art and how to use those principles to create works of art.  Activities include, painting, printing, graphic design, drawing, fiber arts, sculpting, photography and filmaking.  

Kentucky 4-H believes that all youth should have opportunities for positive youth development in our four guiding concepts: mastery, belonging, independence, and generosity.  This program fosters mastery by teaching youth the basic principles of art, belonging by giving them the opportunity to work with others, independence by allowing them to use their skills to create their own works of art, and generosity by  identifying ways they can use their art to make a difference. Contact your 4-H agent for more information (Click Here for a list of County Extension Offices and Contact Information).


Events and Activities


   State Contact:  Jennifer Tackett | jennifer.tackett@uky.edu | 859-323-4842