Preparing for an Employable Future care worker...salesperson...What type of work would you like to do when you grow up?  4-H gives you opportunities to explore a variety of interests through projects and by shadowing adults at work.  Learn what type of post-secondary education is required for specific careers and how to start your own business.  If you like expensive things, then you’ll need to choose a career where people expect to make enough money to support that lifestyle.  There is a strong connection between the career you chose, the education required, the average salary for that career and the possible lifestyle the salary will support.  Start learning the skills now that will lead you toward an employable future. Good employees help build great communities.

To get a project book and see if there is a 4-H Club or group near you, contact your county's Extension agent for 4-H yd.




Youth Project Books

Open Your Eyes to the World of Work: for youth in grades 4-5; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension 

The World of Work: Scope It Out: for youth in middle school; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension  

Jump Start for Job Seekers: for youth in high school; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension  


Volunteer Leader's Guide

The World of Work: A Guide to 4-H Workforce Preparation WorkBooks: for volunteer leaders working with youth in grades 4-12; Source: Kentucky Cooperative Extension  


Related 4-H Events & Activities

Work→paycheck→responsible spending→financial goals...Check out the consumer/financial education and entrepreneurship projects. 

Test your skill in interviewing for a job--Learn more through the 4-H Communication project--The Perfect Fit.  Enter your county's 4-H public speaking contest--in the "mock job interview" category for teens ages 14-18. 

 Achievement Program: When it comes to landing a job, past leadership experience counts!  Youth who are actively involved in 4-H are often tapped to serve in leadership roles.  If leadership or service to others is your thing, ask your county's 4-H agent about 4-H Achievement.

If you are considering a future career in family and consumer sciences, check out what's happening in UK's School of Human Environmental Sciences.

To learn what's happening in 4-H in your county, contact your county's Extension agent for 4-H youth development.


State Contact: Chuck Stamper, Office: 130 Robinson Rd., Jackson, KY 41339; Phone: 859-257-9511 X 233 or 859-351-7510; Email: