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Dog Programs

State Contact:  Jann Burks, email: Office: 859-218-0986

4-H Dog Program:

Every youth who has a dog will enjoy this 4-H program.Youth explore more about dog health, nutrituion, care, genetic problems, population control, showmanship, training, ethics and budgeting.  There are several state level programs offered to all 4-H youth.

2013 DOG CAMP REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS APRIL 19 (see inform below) Camp Information (letter)-revised; Camp Schedule (below)

FELTNER 4-H CAMP INFORMATION (travel maps, emergency)(pdf)

Curriculum: National 4-H Supply (link)

Kentucky 4-H Dog Program uses the national 4-H dog curriculum and AKC website for information.  Curriculum is approximately $4.25 per book. 

- Book 1 - Wiggles and Wags

- Book 2 - Canine Connection

- Book 3 - Leading the Pack

- Dog Helper's Guide

STATE FAIR 2013: DOG SHOW AUG 10-11, 2013


     Junior Level:  Labrador   (doc)

     Senior Level:  Greyhound  (doc)

St. Fair Participant Updated Information (doc)

Animal Health Certificate (4-H form only necessary) (doc) Travels with animal must be signed and valid within 150 days of show.

PARKING PASS FOR DOG SHOW will be available from your county extension office in early August.  It will be valid only for dates of the 4-H Dog Show (Sat. & Sunday), must show at "Pass Lane" to waive parking fee.  No entry fee.

Note:  All adults must participate in the Youth Client Protection Process.  Contact your County Extension Office.  Allow at least 6-8 wks notice. (Even if you are an instructor and not accompanying children)

1) 4-H CAMP CANINE -DATE: MAY 17-19, 2013 - FELTNER 4-H CAMP-LONDON, KY  (Friday 5pm ET - Sunday 12noon ET)

Held in May each year at the Feltner 4-H Camp in London, KY.  Youth are encouraged to bring their pet to camp with them.  Together they will take classes on a variety of topics surrounding the care and handling of their animal.  This is a fun, low-stress environment for youth handlers (beginners to advanced) to practice showing their animal and meet other youth across the state.  This is often a "family" outing for the week-end (Friday night - Sunday (noon).  Contact your local county 4-H agent by early-April.  Remember all adults who stay must go through the Client Protection process. 

Dog Camp Cost:  Full-time: $ 75.00 per person;

Part-time: $40.00 + meals, no logdging.

- 4-H Animal Health Form (doc)

- Camp Application form (doc) - State deadline April 19, 2013 

- 2013 Dog Camp schedule (doc) (pub) Tentative

- Camp Letter (doc) REVISED 4-16-2013

- Medical form (youth & adults) (pdf)

- Feltner 4-H Camp Information, driving, camp maps, emergency (pdf)

NOTE:  4-H Dog Camp - Registration - must do both options: 1) Online registration through your Extension Office only - contact your County 4-H agent for their deadline.  2) PLUS a paper application & check, payable to KY 4-H Foundation, Memo: dog camp, Mailed to State 4-H Office (by extension office), ATTN:  Jann Burks, UK 4-H YD, 212 Scovell Hall, Lexington, KY 40546-0064 - Due April 19, 2013.

- Late payment Information (doc)

CLOVERBUDS-4-H DOG CAMP - 2014- No Cloverbuds Allowd: 2013-Youth must be at least 8 yrs old and attend with a parent/guardian. Same gender is preferred due to housing.


2)  STATE 4-H DOG SHOW - Held in Louisville, KY at the State Fair & Exposition Center.  This show is offered to all 4-H'ers and is held the Saturday & Sunday before the State Fair opens (mid-August).  Registration is around July 10 each year (follows deadlines for other 4-H animal shows at the fair).  Participants must register through their county extension office like other state fair entries (ONLINE ONLY).  Deadline is strictly enforced!  Cost:  No entry fee.  Lodging, meals are on your own.

Exception:  Dog Poster entry deadline - August 1st (or Cloverville entry deadline)

STATE 4-H DOG SHOW RULES:  Register with Livestock deadline-July

- Division 6011 - DOG SHOW - clean copy (doc); strikeout (doc)

- Division 6011-1- DOG BOWL - clean copy (doc); strikeout (doc) Note: team MUST sign up for both Dog Bowl and Skillathon

- Division 6011-2 DOG SKILLATHON - clean copy (doc); strikeout (doc) (May participate as an individual or bowl team member)

Division 6011-3 DOG JUDGING - clean copy (doc); strikeout (doc)

NOTE:  Dog Poster's are registered with other Cloverville items only - August  (PLS do not bring to dog show)

- Division 6011-4 DOG POSTER - clean copy (doc); strikeout (doc) Registration deadline Aug 10th - same as Cloverville entries. Division number change!

rev 2/26/13


Scott County Dog Show (doc)



* All volunteers should go through the 4-H Client Protection process with their local extension office.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for process to be completed.

* All volunteers are welcome to participate in this "leader led" dog program.  The committee meets four times per year at the Fayette Co. Extension Office, Lexington, KY.  All meetings begin at 7:00 pm (ET) (Friday).  If you would like to have input or get on the email list, but cannot make the meeting, please feel free to contact Jann Burks, 4-H YD Specialist, at the state 4-H Office (859) 257-5961 or Email: with questions.  Committee chair:  Kristin Leshney, Email:

Meeting dates:  (Tentative) Sept., Nov., February, April 19