University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Home Environment

If you like Do-It-Yourself shows on TV, you’ll love the 4-H home environment project!   Learn to apply basic elements and principles of design as you:

  • Organize and maintain your room
  • Arrange and decorate your room
  • Make an decorative accessory for your home
  • Draw a floor plan
  • Plan a sleep-over
  • Create efficient storage areas
  • Write an invitation and thank you note
  • Apply paint to a wooden object
  • Re-finish furniture
  • Restore, recycle or repurpose furnishings
  • Make wise purchases for your home

Learn the basic skills of being part of a family as you:

  • Become mindful of the needs and feelings of others
  • Share space with other family members
  • Practice good manners
To get a project booklet and see if there are 4-H Clubs near you, contact you county’s Extension agent for 4-H.  Click here to contact your agent.

Making a decorative item for your room is a lot of fun.  Need some ideas to get your creative ideas flowing?
  • Simple cloth item for the home created with no machine stitching:
    • Cover a box with fabric
    • Cover a lamp shade to blend with your room's decor
    • Wrap a pillow form with fabric and tie the corners to secure
    • Cover an old picture mat with fabric to give the picture a new look
  • Wastebasket:
    • Paint a plastic bucket (like the type used for cat litter)
  • Bulletin Board:
    • Paint the frame of a purchased bulletin board to match your room
    • Cover heavy cardboard with fabric
In many counties, 4-H members have the chance to exhibit items they have made at the county fair.  Entries at the county fair that meet or exceed the standards may be selected for exhibit at the Kentucky State Fair. (See description of state fair entry classes.)  Check with your county's agent for specifics on entries for your county's fair. 

Exhibits at the fair are judged against a set of standards.  Take a look at the standards for home environment entries: