LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Five young people from Lincoln County will be attending the inauguration in Washington next week.

"I'm just hoping I can tell my kids about it some day. To have an opportunity like this."They're part of dozens of people in the 4-H organization that started planning the trip even before they knew who the candidates would be.

Learning about the electoral process and politics has long been a part of the 4-H program in Lincoln County.

"So we've had some educational opportunities where we have learned about the whole process from beginning to end…how caucuses work, the electoral college."

They've had mock elections and workshops in conference rooms, but soon they will see what they have learned about on a much larger stage.

"I'm going to be so excited for this. So psyched for this. Ever since I first found out."

The group will leave Sunday for tours of DC and will watch the inauguration from the ticketed area on Capitol Hill.

"I think when I do get up there, I will be speechless. Going to be breathtaking. To think you will be that close to meeting the President. To see all of those people. Awesome."

A total of 66 4-H delegates from Kentucky will be attending the inauguration.

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