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More on Sewing (ages 9-13)

If you are between 9-13 and you are just learning to sew, you'll want to start with the beginning skills in Unit 1, then work your way through each of the units. If you already know how to sew, look at each level and begin with the one where you start to learn new skills. You'll probably need to make several garments in each unit in order to master the skills. Rule of thumb...most members work on one unit per year.

Junior Sewing Project (All Junior Units for ages 9-13)

Let's Learn to Sew (Unit I for ages 9-13)--see pages 3-20

Let's Get to the Bottom (Unit II for ages 9-13)--see pages 21-38

Top it Off (Unit III for ages 9-13)--see pages 39-52

Stretch Your Knit Skills (Unit IV for ages 9-13)--see pages 45-48

Moving on Up (Unit V for ages 9-13)

Put it All Together (Unit VI for ages 9-13)--see pages 49-56

Up Cycle It! (New!)

To get project information and see if there is a 4-H Sewing club in your county, contact your county's Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Dev. Click here to contact your agent.


Sewing Tips and How-to