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Spin Clubs



Would you like to learn to...

...ride a horse?

...assemble a robot?

...bake a cake?

...shoot a bow? a duffle bag?


These are just a few of the 4-H SPIN Clubs that may be available in your county!


4-H special interest clubs are a fun way to bring kids & teens who want to learn a special skill or hobby together with adults who know how to do the skills/hobby.  A SPIN Club can be started with as few as one adult leader and five youth.  The adult provides expertise and guidance.  Youth learn the new skills/hobby and run their own club.  For adults and youth alike, it creates a fun, “learn-by-doing” experience.  

SPINS usually meet 6 to 12 times during a few months. For example: A robotics or sewing club might meet once a week for six weeks or twice a week for three weeks. Many can work around the schedules of athletics and other youth activities.

Members of the SPIN Club elect officers.  Each club meeting starts with a short business meeting, led by club officers.  Then everybody gets their hands and minds into learning the special interest that brought them together--how to ride, bake, sew, etc. 

To learn about the SPIN Clubs available in your county or if you are an adult who wants to start a SPIN Club, contact your county Extension agent.

Joining a SPIN opens the door to a world of 4-H opportunities!


  Adult teaching cooking Bell Co  2 girls dropping cookies

                                        Cooking Project


Soldering Carlisle Co  2 guys on Horses Campbell Co

        Electric/Electronics Project                          Horse Project


Group measuring Height of Tree w Adult  Woodworking group Carlisle Co

Forestry Project                                 Woodworking Project


Tools for SPIN Volunteers