University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

4-H Statistics

We are pleased to place the data from the 2014 Kentucky 4-H Statistical on the 4-H website. The data (presented in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet) can be accessed here.

Kentucky ranks in the top 10 of several 4-H enrollment categories nationwide, with 238,538 different youth involved in our 4-H programs, about one of every four youth in Kentucky.

As you look at your county, bear in mind that there can be many reasons for certain data in a given year.  I encourage you to visit with your county 4-H Agent if you have thoughts or questions about the data for your county. 

Kentucky 4-H Youth Development Programs are, by almost any measure, among the very best in the nation.  Congratulations to the 4-H Agents, 4-H leaders, parents and 4-H youth in all the counties of the Commonwealth for having such outstanding programs. 

Charlene Jacobs, Ph.D.
Assistant Director of Cooperative Extension for 4-H Youth Development
College of Agriculture, UK