2020 4-H Plan of Work Resources

The following information contains the logic models, plan of work (POW) templates, common evaluation, and priority indicators for the 4-H program during PY21-24.  These can be used by agents to construct their county plan of work. 

Priority Indicators

4-H Priority Indicators

Logic Models & Plan of Work Templates

Agriculture - Contact Ashley Osborne, 4-H Specialist

21st Century Skills (Career & College Skills) - Contact Chuck Stamper, 4-H Specialist

4-H Camping - Contact Joey Barnard, Interim 4-H Specialist

  • These resources are currently being developed in this area. 

Civic Engagement - Contact Chuck Stamper, 4-H Specialist

Communication & Expressive Arts - Contact Jennifer Tackett, 4-H Specialist

Family & Consumer Science - Contact Isaac Hilpp, 4-H Specialist

Health - Contact Isaac Hilpp, 4-H Specialist

Leadership - Contact Rachel Noble, 4-H Specialist

Natural Resources - Contact Ashley Osborne, 4-H Specialist

Science, Engineering, & Technology - Contact Torey Earle, 4-H Specialist

Volunteerism - Contact Ken Culp, III, 4-H Specialist


At the state level, the goal of the 4-H program is to move beyond evaluating what youth have learned through programs and to focus on how youth are impacted through their experiences in the 4-H program.  Agents are asked to report (see priority indicators) on participate in aspects of 4-H programming.  All agents are asked to use the 4-H Common Measures Experience Survey to evalaute the impact of 4-H programming on participants and report this to the state (via priority indicators). 

  • 4-H Common Measure Website (National/Login Required)

  • 4-H Common Measures Experience Evaluation

    • Printable/Paper Version

    • Online Version (Coming Soon!) - if using this method, all results will be entered into the state data base.  Please allow 2 weeks for county/program results to be returned to you in raw format by emailing James Leslie. 

  • Individual Program Survey Evaluation

    • Agents are encouraged to contact the appropriate specialist when constructing an evaluation of a specifc program.  These evaluations are county specific except where indicated in our programming.

Other Resources

Program & Staff Development POW Resources

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