Dr. Mark Mains is the Assistant Director for 4-H Youth Development at the University of Kentucky.  In this role, he provides programmatic oversight to the Kentucky 4-H program in each of the Commonwealth's 120 counties.  Mark is a lifelong 4-H member from Kenton County, Kentucky.  While in 4-H, he had experience with almost any project you can imagine!  As an adult professional, he has worked to share his passion for individual development and leadership with his 4-H family.  


April 2017

Independence...Through the Kentucky 4-H Program, members learn to become independent at every step of their involvement.  From selecting a project, making decisions about what activities or events to attend, or working to keep records the child is encouraged to see themselves as an active participant and influence on the path of their life.

March 2017

Mastery...for many it's the core purpose of this program.  Through 4-H, members select a project, learn valuable associated skills, and create an end product that is shown or shared.  Through this process, the 4-H member learns how to master not only the skills associated with the program, but important life skills such as the ability to communicate, organize and plan.  However, despite the focus on mastery, it is important to remember that the final product of the 4-H program is not the project but the child

February 2017

Belonging...it's an important feeling for everyone.  Kentucky 4-H strives to foster feelings of belonging in the youth and adults in our programs.  The 4-H program year runs September through August.  As we are almost halfway through our program year, I hope that all of our 4-H members, parents, volunteers, and staff feel like they are an important member of our organization.  4-H helps it's members find an opportunity to form a positive relationship with an adult.  We strive to create an environment that is diverse, inclusive, supportive, safe, and respectful of