Image: Eric Comley, 4-H Youth Development Agent for Garrard County


To ensure that all Kentucky 4-H members have a well-rounded educational experience in livestock and horse projects, volunteers working in these areas are required to be certified. Every Kentucky county that offers a livestock/horse project or activity (e.g., horse, beef, country ham, dairy, goats, meats, sheep and swine and the related competitive events such as judging and skill-a-thon) must have a minimum of one certified volunteer per project unit (unit means club/group). A volunteer can obtain certification by attending a one-day certification workshop. The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To provide 4-H volunteers with a ready-made, completely assembled set of curricula, materials and educational resources necessary to conduct successful activities for 4-H club meetings and activities.
  • To ensure a sound and well-rounded educational experience for youth enrolled in animal projects.
  • To provide an opportunity for volunteers to introduce quality assurance and ethics lessons to youth.
  • To reduce the liability that volunteers may encounter when working with 4-H animal programs, projects and activities.  This is accomplished by ensuring that all 4-H livestock and horse volunteers are following a prescribed and approved curriculum and have been certified by the University of Kentucky to work with youth.

This program fosters mastery by providing youth with a sound, well-rounded educational experiences, belonging by interacting and connecting with adults and youth with similar interests, independence by practicing leadership skills and independent thinking, and generosity by participating in community service and citizenship activities.  Contact your county extension office for more information (link).

Program Year 2022-2023 Workshop Information

Please contact your county Extension agent for information on upcoming virtual and in-person workshops.

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