Independence...Through the Kentucky 4-H Program, members learn to become independent at every step of their involvement.  From selecting a project, making decisions about what activities or events to attend, or working to keep records the child is encouraged to see themselves as an active participant and influence on the path of their life. As part of developing independence, 4-H members should be encouraged to take sensible risks and learn from their mistakes in a supportive environment.  Avoid the temptation to "smooth" the way for the 4-H member.  Better to learn how to deal with disappointment now at a county fair or event than in the college classroom or on the job.  As caring educators, we all want to see the child success.  However, it's important to remember that we are not just guiding children, we are raising adults.  Some of the difficulties they experience today will help them be better individuals and members of society in the future.  Thank you for all that you do with the Kentucky 4-H program.  If you would like to volunteer with 4-H or learn more about the program, please contact your county extension office.