Mastery...for many it's the core purpose of this program.  Through 4-H, members select a project, learn valuable associated skills, and create an end product that is shown or shared.  Through this process, the 4-H member learns how to master not only the skills associated with the program, but important life skills such as the ability to communicate, organize and plan.  However, despite the focus on mastery, it is important to remember that the final product of the 4-H program is not the project but the child.   It's more important that the 4-H member have a positive learning experience than that they win a champion ribbon or sell their livestock for the most money.  4-H volunteers and professionals are truly successful when that 4-H member has demonstrated that they have begin the process of mastering their own life and success over their project.  Keep this in mind when working with 4-H youth and remember that the most important goal of 4-H is our members.  Thank you for all that you do with the Kentucky 4-H program.  If you would like to volunteer with 4-H or learn more about the program, please contact your county extension office.