Kentucky 4-H believes that all youth should have opportuntiies for positive youth development in our four guiding concepts:  mastery, belonging, independence, and generosity. Global Educational opportunities allow youth to experience life outside of their community or share their culture with other students. Contact your county extension office for more information (link).



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4-H Backpack to Adventure:  Youth Leaders in a Global World

4-H Back to Adventure:  Youth Leaders in a Global World is designed for adult and teen volunteers, parents and, professionals and others to use in working with young people aged 9 to 19 to develop the knowledge and skills they need to become youth leaders in an interconnected, global environment.  (134 pages)   Intended user:  adult and teen volunteers, professionals

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Michigan State University 4-H Youth Development          4H1643             FREE

WeConnect:  A Global Youth Citizenship Curriculum

WeConnect is a program model and curriculum designed to show youth that they are participants of a global society, inspiring a sense of understanding and confidence in relating and connecting to other people.  (80 pages)   Intended user:  adult professionals and volunteers

Source: National 4-H Supply Service

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