State 4-H Officers have been called to service in the Kentucky 4-H program since 1968.  Originally, just the position of president, vice-president and secretary were filled.  Starting in 1979, the position of treasurer was added.  These four elected positions continue to this day.   State 4-H Officers are elected to their position at 4-H Teen Conference and serve until the following year's conference.  In their role as State 4-H Officers, they also provide leadership to the Kentucky State 4-H Teen Council. 

Officer History - click here to view a listing of all officers since 1968. Where known, counties, have been indicated for these individuals. 

Current State 4-H Officers

Kentucky 4-H President | Deborah Myers |

Kentucky 4-H Vice President | Noah Carter | 

Kentucky 4-H Secretary | Mattea Wyatt |

Kentucky 4-H Treasurer | Brandon Darby | 

Click here to learn more about our Kentucky 4-H State Officers! 

The Kentucky 4-H State Officers are committed to developing as knowledgeable and reliable leaders, incorporating authentic 4-H values which inspire youth to transform into active citizens.

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Request an Officer

The Kentucky 4-H State Officers are eager to begin traveling across the state sharing their vision of developing as knowledgeable and reliable leaders, incorporating authentic 4-H values which inspire youth to transform into active citizens. The team has made the following goals for themselves: share Kentucky 4-H with at least 20,000 people, make connections to counties that have not previously received officer visits, and collaborate with five or more youth serving organizations

We ask that you help them reach their goals by requesting an officer visit for the following categories: 

□ Appearance Visit (This must include a speaking opportunity.)

□ Global Education Workshop (Objective: Empowering youth to become more culturally and globally aware citizens.)

Officer Visit Form

Monthly 4-H Officer Updates

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Application Procedure

State 4-H Officer Applications will be due March 30, 2018. 

Officer Slating will take place April 19-20, 2018. 

  • Officer Application 
  • Scoring Rubrics
    • Application (15%) 
    • Officer Skill Assessment (15%) 
    • Reception (20%) 
    • Interview 1 - Leadership & Communication (25%)
    • Interview 2 - 4-H Knowledge (25%) 

Applicants must recieve a combined score of 80% or higher to be eligible for slating. Those who apply may not recieve an interview and those who interview may not be slated. PDF icon<br>

 Other Information

  • State 4-H Officer Expense/Report Form (link)
  • Agent Resource Guide (link) (password protected)

State Contact:  Rachel E. Noble | | 859.218.0991

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