Kentucky State 4-H Shooting Sports Committee


The State 4-H Shooting Sports Committee is comprised of dedicated volunteers from across Kentucky. This committee provides advice and assistance to the Kentucky 4-H State Extension Specialist in charge of the Shooting Sports program. Meetings are held quarterly to discuss upcoming events and activities including, but not limited to, Shooting Sports Camp, Coaches Certification and State Competition. Serving on the State Shooting Sports Committee is an excellent opportunity to get involved on the state level and have an even larger impact on the Kentucky Shooting Sports program. 

Serving on the Committee

  • All counties with an active Shooting Sports program are allowed one (1) voting member to serve on the State Committee
  • County representatives must be approved by that counties 4-H agent
  • The county 4-H agent must submit the county representatives name and contact information to Ashley Marcum ( at the beginning of each program year (September).
  • County representatives will serve a three (3) year term.

Contact your county extension office for additional information about serving on the State Committee (link)

Additional Information

State Contact:  Ashley Marcum | | 859-218-0993