KY 4-H Shooting Sports State Competition

Dates for 2019:  Sept. 7 & 8



This competition is held once a year at the Bluegrass Sportsmen’s League located in Wilmore (Saturday) and at the Miller Welch Central Kentucky Wildlife Management Area located in Berea (Sunday) for junior and senior 4-H'ers. 

You do not have to qualify to participate, but county and/or multi-county participation of some sort is necessary.  You must be listed on the county roster due in the State Office on July 1. Awards Recognition follows the competition.

Objectives of the Shooting Sports program are designed to:

  • Promote shooting safety and expertise on the county, multi-county and state level
  • Give an awareness of the practical usefulness as well as pleasure of shooting
  • Develop teamwork and strengthen Leader/4-H'er relationships.

Locations and Dates:   

  • Bluegrass Sportsmen's League, Wilmore - September 7, 2019
  • Miller Welch - Central KY Wildlife Management Area, Berea - September 8, 2019


Saturday's events are $12 per discipline and Sunday's trap fees are $12 (25 rounds), $18 (50 roundsand $30 (100 rounds). MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: Kentucky 4- Foundation with Shooting Sports on the memo line.


REAL TIME SCORE LINK   This will be available on both Saturday and Sunday during the State Competition.



Guests will need to guarantee their reservations with a credit card upon making their reservation and can do it one of two ways:

1.) They can call the hotel direct at 859-624-4055 and reference the group name "KY 4-H Trap Shooting Tournament" or the group block code "TST".

2.) They can use the booking link above to make their reservations online.

3.) Guests will have until midnight on August 16 to book their rooms.

1.) They can call the hotel direct at 859-985-5500 and reference the group name "KY 4-H Trap Shooting Tournament" or the group block code "KYT".

2.) They can use the booking link above to make their reservations online.

3.) Guests will have until midnight on August 16 to book their rooms. 

  • Holiday Inn Express, 164 Imperial Way, Nicholasville, KY 40356.  

1.) To book a room, call 859-885-8080.

2.) Make sure to mention Kentucky Shooting Sports when making reservations.

1.) For reservations, call 859-228-0340

2.) Offer a $75 rate for attendees. This rate includes a hot breakfast and access to their indoor pool. Guests can book a room by calling the number above and mentioning that they are part of the 4-H Shooting Sports State Competition. Currently, they are unable to offer this discount for online bookings.

NO DRONES PERMITTED AT THIS EVENT. It is a potential distraction and safety hazard for participants.

REGISTRATION:  Registration will be submitted online.  It will require a Link Blue login, so the registration information will need to be entered by Extension Personnel. Link for the online registration:

Registration Program  (Instructions): 

After entering county information, send a printed copy of the registration AND fees to the address below. Due by 4:30 pm EDT on August 1. 

Please send to: 

KY 4-H Shooting Sports

Attn:  Extension Specialist, Shooting Sports

212 Scovell Hall, Lexington, KY 40546 

Checks should be made payable to the Kentucky 4-H Foundation.

Registrations received will be posted below on a regular basis for counties to double check accuracy of the information that was submitted.

State Competition 2019 Registrations Received  

Posted: FINAL

Please check your county info for accuracy. Check back daily/weekly for an updated list. For questions regarding registration, please contact Ashley Marcum at


Guidelines and Information for the State Competition  

Reminders for the State Competition  


Roster Spreadsheet - To be used to record club members' name and birthdate. (Excel) Due in the State Office by July 1, 4:30 pm EDT.

County Volunteer Information for State Competition FORM

Name Badges for State Shoot (Word Doc) AND Target Labels in one file.  It is a zipped file, just select the Shooting Sports zip file and then the document you need.    Name Badges: Word File
(This is a 3" x 4" name badge)

Target Labels (fillable PDF) Use 5263 Avery Labels


Federal Youth handgun Parental Permission        Federal Form  - Required to be kept on person at all times.  County Agent or Coordinator should add the current year's date.

BGSL Guest Pass - Each county should have all youth participating to sign one form and present the one form to the registration desk when checking in Saturday.  No member signature is needed.


Form to submit volunteer information

All volunteer information must be emailed to Tracy Tucker at  no later than August 15th.  Each county must provide one volunteer for each 4 participants (or portion thereof) on Saturday's event and Sunday's event -  See Rule 6 for details.

Volunteer Schedules

SOPs - 2019

**Important Volunteer Info**

  • ALL Saturday volunteers (except for Volunteer Check-ins) report to ASSIGNED RANGES.  You do not have to come to the Registration Building.
  • Please be prompt when arriving at your volunteer station.  The committee wants to have shooters on the line at 8:00AM sharp this year.  Also if you are scheduled later in the day, have consideration for the person you are relieving~they have put in their time.
  • Trading/Sharing time slots is allowed if cleared by Range Officer or Volunteer Coordinator Tracy Tucker.  And have you shared person sign-in on the Volunteer Sign-in Sheet also.  But please remember:  YOUR COUNTY is responsible for having that slot filled and if left unattended, consequences can follow the county for next year's competition.
  • Standard Operating Procedures will follow this posting/email.  Please familiarize yourself with the SOP's that pertain to your volunteer duties.
  • PLEASE remember to ask questions if you don't understand something.  Tracy Tucker is just a phone call or email away.

TRAP SCHEDULE 2019   Note:  First squads begin at 8 am EDT.      


For the State Competition, please note:

  • After gun and shells are checked shooters will go to assigned stations. 
  • They will get one observation target.  Each will get one practice target. 
  • After completing the first 25 shots, shooters will immediately get their second box of shells and return to their beginning station. 
  • There will be no observation target or practice shot. 
  • They will shoot their next 25 shots which will complete their round.

**Rifle Shooters will need to bring their own mats/rugs for shooting - this is considered part of their basic shooting equipment**


Agent Responsibilities:

  • To promote Shooting Sports programs across the state,
  • Submit the Shooting Sports Roster for your county program NO LATER THAN JULY 1 of each year.
  • Submit registration list and fees for the State Competition by 4:30 pm EST on August 1.
  • Identify leaders to attend annual training session.
  • Work with 4-H'ers on safety and expertise.


  • The County Shooting Sports Roster will qualify any 4-H member who later decides to participate in the State 4-H Shooting Competition. 
  • Any 4-Her not an actively participating member of the local 4-H Club and/or not listed on the County Shooting Sports Roster will not be eligible to participate in the State 4-H Shooting Sports Competition. Rosters are due in the State Office by 4:30 pm EDT on July 1
  • The County Shooting Sports Registration form is available on the 4-H web site. Please see above.
  • Registrations and fees - (Saturday's events are $12 per discipline and Sunday's trap fees are $12 (25 rounds), $18  (50 roundsand $30 (100 rounds)
  • Registration copy and Fees are due by 4:30 pm EST on August 1. Please send to KY 4-H Shooting Sports, Attn:  Ashley Marcum, 212 Scovell Hall, Lexington, KY 40546.
  • State Competition Registration -  Please make the check for the total amount payable to Kentucky 4-H Foundation, Inc. (with Shooting Sports on the memo line). 
  • Volunteer information must be received by 4:30 pm EDT on August 15. Please email the information to ( See general rule #7)
  • Copies of maps to the events can also be printed from this website located above to the competition and the award ceremony. Please review the registration list and notify the State Office immediately of any errors.
  • Registration fees are non-refundable.  If a shooter is unable to attend, a substitute can fill that entry (same event, same age group) position by 4:30 pm EDT on September 1. No new registrations may be made the day of the event OR after the August 1, deadline.
  • No Changes/Substitutes the day of the event.
  • Rifle Shooters will need to bring their own mats/rugs for shooting - this is considered part of their basic shooting equipment.
  • Individuals may enter no more than 4 events, three on Saturday and one on Sunday.  (See Current Year Rules).
  • All contestants sign up as individuals (See Current Year Rules). 
  • All participants must be enrolled in a County 4-H Shooting Sports Club.  They must be listed on the Roster due July 1 of each year in order to compete.

Contact Ashley Marcum @ 859-218-0993 or