4-H Shooting Sports Virtual "Mail-In" Tournament


Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic the in-person Shooting Sports State Competition has been canceled for the year 2020. In order to provide a culminating event for our shooting sports youth a virtual “mail-in” tournament has been developed. This event is designed to develop independence, promote safe and responsible shooting practices and provide a goal to work towards for youth involved within the program. Scores from all participating counties will be submitted online and top individuals and teams will be recognized.


When: September 14-30

Where: Within your home county

Cost: There is no cost to participate in this event


  • Online Registration (LinkBlue Required) - State Deadline is September 1st @ 6pm EST
  • Youth must meet all minimum requirements listed below, under the guidance of a certified 4-H Shooting Sports Coach, within the 2019-2020 program year to participate in the virtual tournament**
    • Must complete a general 4-H Shooting Sports safety meeting (these can be online or in-person).
    • Must complete five (5) practice sessions, per discipline, under the guidance of a certified 4-H Shooting Sports Coach
    • The discipline coach must confirm that the 4-H member has completed the minimum requirements and certify their ability to participate in 4-H shooting sports programs in a safe and informed manner.

**Counties may choose to add additional restrictions at their discretion. These criteria were developed to allow counties options for determining the suitability of their 4-H members’ participation in shooting sports programs in a safe and informed manner during the Covid-19 pandemic**

Additional Information

State Contact:  Ashley Marcum | ashley.marcum@uky.edu | 859-218-0993