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Kentucky 4-H Youth Development

Core Curriculum Catalog


Initial Release: September 1, 2005

Most Recent Update: June 18th, 2019


This catalog is a list of resources included in the Kentucky 4-H Youth Development Core Curriculum.  Anytime an agent or someone on the agent’s behalf is leading a 4-H group in subject matter related to the seven areas included in the core curriculum, information from this identified list is to be used.  


This catalog will be revised as new publications are added or removed from the core curriculum.


For questions concerning the core curriculum, contact the following individuals:


Agriculture- Ashley Osborne

Communications & Expressive Arts- Jennifer Tackett

Family & Consumer Sciences- Isaac Hilpp, Kimberly Leger, Chuck Stamper

Health-  Isaac Hilpp

Leadership- Rachel Noble, Chuck Stamper

Natural Resources- Ashley Osborne

Science, Engineering and Technology- Torey Earle, Chuck Stamper