Conducted for over 70 years, the 4-H International Exchange Program has given a multitude of Kentucky families the opportunity to host a Japanese youth in their home for 3.5 weeks during the summer. Each year, over 20 states across the country welcome 500+ Japanese/South Korean youth between the ages of 12-17 to their state to experience American culture by living with a family. Kentucky 4-H hosts 15-20 of these youth each year and is looking for potential host families.

Host families who would like to host a youth for the 3.5 week summer program should have a child in the home between the ages of 11-17. They are paired with a Japanese or South Korean child of about the same age and same gender. Any family with an appropriate age child is welcome to apply!  An adult chaperone travels with the delegation and stays with a host family. Anyone is welcome to apply to host an adult chaperone (singles, older individuals or couples, families with or without children). Families who host have the ability to save credits for their child/children to travel abroad! 

Each academic year the Kentucky 4-H program also welcomes high school youth to live and go to school in Kentucky. Anyone is welcome to apply to host a student (singles, older individuals or couples, families with or without children).

Kentucky 4-H also provides the opportunity for youth to travel abroad to: Japan, Costa Rica, Norway, Romania, Argentina, South Korea, and Taiwan!

Summer 2023 Short-Term Japanese Inbound Exchange Program:

Share your world! Host a Japanese youth in Summer 2023! Expand your family’s cultural
understanding, learn about new foods and customs, and possibly a new language all while sharing your own. Make lifelong friendships and gain new perspectives!

Summer 2023 Program Dates: July 24th - August 16

Summer Outbound Program:

Are you curious about daily life, culture, and youth programs in other countries?
Travel abroad with States’ 4-H to places like Japan, Costa Rica, Norway, Romania, Argentina, South Korea, or Taiwan! See below for more dates, cost, and program information.

  • Various dates starting June - August 2022

    Academic Year Program:

    Information for 2022-2023 academic year coming soon

    County 4-H Programs are offered a program support stipend for placement of students, stipend may be used for the advancement of 4-H programs within the county.



    • Online Application - Coming Soon



    • Online Application - APPLY ONLINE 
      • Application due by December 1, 2022

    BY PARTICIPATING families can save credits for their child to travel abroad with Kentucky 4-H!

    Contact your State Coordinator for more information: 

    Additional Information

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    Volunteer Opportunties

    The International Exchange Programs in Kentucky cannot be possible without families who volunteer to host exchange students. Click this link to sign-up! 

    State Contact:  Rachel E. Noble | | 859.218.0991

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