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More on Sewing (ages 14-18)

Teens, ages 14-18, are considered "seniors" in 4-H. If you haven't sewn before, you'll probably want to start with Let's Be Casual and work through the units in order below. That way, you'll start learning basic skills, then add new (and more difficult) skills as you move along through the units. We want you to be successful and trying too much too soon can be frustrating.

Let's Be Casual (ages 14-18)

Dress It Up (ages 14-18)

Match It Up (ages 14-18)

Creative Expressions (ages 14-18)

If you have mastered most of the beginning skills you may pick the unit which interests you most. Each level will bring new challenges, create more opportunities to learn.

Leisure Time (ages 14-18 with advanced skills)

Formal Affair (ages 14-18 with advanced skills)

Tailor Made (ages 14-18 with advanced skills)

Upcycle (ages 14-18 with advanced skills)

To get project information and see if there is a 4-H Sewing Club in your county, contact your county's Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Dev. Click here to contact your agent.


Sewing Tips & How-to