4-H to conduct survey of members’ collegiate success

Source: Mark Mains, assistant director for 4-H youth development

            In 4-H, “To make the best better” is one of our mottos. Kentucky 4-H would like to quantify how much better its programming efforts have made Kentucky youth. In an effort to do so, Kentucky 4-H is partnering with the Kentucky Center for Statistics to conduct a data analysis about the post-secondary success of its members compared to the general population.

            For this project, 4-H is using information its former 4-H members, past Teen Conference participants or their parents gave the program through its registration system called 4HOnline. The program is specifically interested in data from former 4-H members and past Teen Conference participants who graduated high school or 4-H between the years of 2014-2017. It will look at whether the 4-H’er went to college, the name and location of the college, length of time in college and whether the young person graduated.

For this project, 4-H will not look at individual-specific information. Instead the Kentucky Center for Statistics will use former 4-H member information for aggregate data to compare the post-secondary success of 4-H’ers to the general population.

4-H alumni who wish to opt out of having their information included in the survey can do so by visiting https://tinyurl.com/y4fbkjue. To opt out, you must include your full name and the Kentucky county where you were a 4-H member. Alumni have until May 18 to opt out of having their information included in the analysis. For more information, contact the (COUNTY NAME) Extension office.

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