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Maybe you're the creative type and want to create designs using needles and thread or yarn. Learn to crochet, knit, embroider, quilt or tat. Once you learn the skill, the sky is the limit on what you can create!

To get a project booklet and see if there are 4-H Clubs near you, contact your county's Extension Agent for 4-H. Click here to contact your agent.

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Tat (create Lace)

Lots of 4-H members like to exhibit the things they've made at the fair. Judges compare the quality of the member's entry against a list of "standards"--qualities of a good product.

Members may enter products they've made in the county fair. An entry in the county fair which meets and exceeds the standard may be selected to represent the county in the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville.

Rules for Needlework Entries in the State Fair

Needlework Project Card: required on needlework exhibits entered in the fair