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Get Involved in 4-H


Why do young people like 4-H?
They have fun with friends at meetings, social activities, tours, trips, camps, and fairs. They learn to do interesting things such as take care of animals, plants, redecorate their rooms, fix their bikes, take pictures, practice cooking, and collecting rocks. And, they help others to learn more about their 4-H projects, provide leadership to younger kids, as well as serve others through community service activities.

Getting involved in 4-H is easy! 
There are many ways to get involved in the 4-H program in Kentucky.  Regardless of where you live in Kentucky, there is a 4-H program near you.  All Kentucky counties have a 4-H program.

If you are between the ages of 5 and 19, you can get involved in 4-H by calling your county extension officeand talking with the 4-H agent.

You can join a 4-H club in your county or sign up as an individual 4-H member. Most clubs meet on a monthly basis, although some meet more often. 

You may also volunteer to assist  at state level events and serve on committees. Find your application at: (volunteer application link) 

We also offer special programs throughout the year as well as summer camping at our four 4-H camps.


Participation in the 4-H program can help parents feel they are contributing to the development of their own child as well as other children. Involvement in 4-H can promote a sense of adequacy, self-worth, and self-confidence in parents. Parents gain new skills and interests as well as ideas for helping youth learn as they help out.

One of the important strengths of 4-H is that it provides an opportunity for family involvement. By design, 4-H encourages parents to take part in members' activities and experiences.

Parents often develop or strengthen a positive rapport with their own child and other youth involved in 4-H. Through involvement in 4-H, parents strengthen their social networks with other parents and youth in the community.

4-H is a family affair, offering many opportunities where both child and parent can participate with common interests. The success of the 4-H program experience depends greatly upon parent support and involvement. By being involved in 4-H, parents can ensure the best growth experience possible for their child.

For more information on how to become an active 4-H parent, please contact your county 4-H agent today!


Kentucky 4-H offers resources to help youth development educators create and engage young people in fun, age-appropriate, experiential learning. 4-H also provides programs designed to help address the critical issues that young people face during out-of-school time. Extension also offers access to research, educational resources, and training and events to assist you and the people you work with.  The six core curriculum areas: Animal Science,CommunicationsFamily and Consumer Science,HealthLeadership and Natural Resources are KERA linked to assist educators in reaching state mandated goals. 

The Code Name: Home Alone Curriculum was developed by the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service State Latch Key Quick Response Team to address the issue of children being alone without an adult present. The curriculum focuses on children and parents learning about issues related to child self-care, safety and overall well-being when children are home alone and/ or with siblings without adult supervision. It stresses family communication through individual, group/classroom, parent and child activities, and parent newsletters. It is designed to be used in the classroom, and in 4-H groups, youth groups, and family groups. 

The following link will take you to the CNHA Educators page where the entire curriculum can be downloaded at no cost. (CNHA)

We only ask that you contact your local 4-H Youth Development Agent, as a professional courtesy, to let them know that you are using the curriculum with your students. If you don't know your 4-H Agent's contact information, simple click on this link to find your county's Extension Office information. County 4-H Youth Development Agent.