Joe Williams, 4-H volunteer and former agriculture communications specialist for the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service, interviewed 4-H volunteers and agents. Listen as they tell their unique 4-H stories.

Lena Belle Dorn (audio interview)

Lena Bell Dorn was a lifelong 4-H volunteer in Mason County. She was in 4-H as a young person only a short time, but was a 4-H volunteer practically her entire adult life. Joe Williams interviewed Lena Bell on a bus returning from the Southern Region 4-H volunteer Forum in Georgia. Topics this conversation includes:

  • First volunteer experience
  • Started club named the Dover Live Wires
  • 33 years as a 4-H camp volunteer
  • What former members are doing today
  • Thoughts on volunteerism
  • 4-H activities

Addie Fereday (audio interview)

Addie Fereday was a 4-H volunteer in Jefferson County for 38 years. This interview was conducted by Joe Williams on August 16, 1996. Topics include:

  • First volunteer experience in 1958
  • 4-H agents in her county
  • Serving as dog club leader
  • How 4-H has impacted the lives of youth
  • 4-H Camp
  • Club activities
  • Fundraising
  • Kentucky State Fair
  • Benefits of 4-H