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4‑H is an innovator in developing youth leadership and decision-making skills to prepare young people for the future. Kentucky 4-H leadership experiences engage youth in programs, organizations, and communities where they share their voice and influence decision-making that impacts them and their peers. 4‑H leadership programs equip young people with the confidence and life skills to be leaders today and tomorrow.

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Leadership 21st Century Skills College and Careers

Program Area Contacts

Ashley Osborne

Extension Specialist

(859) 218-0986 ashley.osborne@uky.edu 450 Cooper Drive Suite 114 Lexington, KY 40546-0274

Chuck Stamper, Ed.D.

CES Special Projects Coordinator

(606) 666-2438 cstamper@uky.edu RCARS 130 Robinson Rd. Jackson, KY 41339

Isaac Hilpp, Ed. D

Senior Extension Specialist

(859) 218-0990 isaac.hilpp@uky.edu 450 Cooper Drive Suite 114 Lexington, KY 40546-0274
A Leadership visit to the Kentucky Capitol
A Leadership visit to the Kentucky Capitol 


County Extension Office Contacts

4-H YOUTH DEVELOPMENT A Kentucky 4-H volunteer is anyone who contributes time, energy, or talent to the Kentucky 4-H Youth Development Program and is not paid by University of Kentucky funds. Many volunteer roles involve working directly with others; others do not. There are seven specific types of 4-H volunteer roles in Kentucky. They include: Community Club Leader, Project Club Leader, Special Emphasis Volunteer, School Enrichment Volunteer, 4-H Committee Member, 4-H Council Member, Youth Volunteer,

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Contact Information

Rachel Noble Guidugli, Ed.D.
Assistant Extension Director for Kentucky 4-H Youth Development

450 Cooper Drive Moloney Bldg. Suite 114 Lexington, KY 40546-0274

(859) 218-0991